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New Zealand based light up letters. We provide handcrafted, illuminated letters, Event prop hire and Venue Décor for Weddings, Corporate Events and Parties. With many years of experience in industries such as events and signage, we can supply quality hire products that can give any event the Wow factor.

Our light up letters come in a range of styles and are extremely popular at weddings and special occasions. We can provide letters to spell out any word desired, or numbers for birthday milestones. Each of our letters are lovingly handcrafted from initial template to beautiful completion in our workshop and carefully prepared ready for hire with a clean and crisp powder coated paint finish. We can also provide custom made signage or props for your business or event. Contact us for more information. You’re able to book our Illuminated letters online, or simply message us for more information and we can take your order offline. We recommend booking as far in advance as you can as these rare props are very popular. We can deliver throughout main cities in New Zealand

3 Ways You Can Use Illuminated Letters

Do you remember Claire Danes’ stunning light up gown from last year’s Met Gala? The breathtaking Cinderella-like dress that took 600 hours to make and glowed in the dark? Well, that certainly gave a whole new meaning to the idea of lighting up a party, and it should...

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Need Light-Up Letters For Your Dream Wedding? Read This!

We go through hours upon hours of planning – from finding the perfect reception venue and wedding hire to centerpieces and floral décor. All of it to ensure that our guests and, more importantly, we are delighted by impeccable design and our wedding arrangements are...

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