We know the words winter wedding aren’t the words some brides want to hear from their wedding planners, but hear us out!

There are actually many reasons why you should pick a wedding in the ‘off-season’ as opposed to the summer months, and we can guarantee that by the end of this article you will be begging for a date in the middle of July! (Obviously, this is directed at the Southern hemisphere, but if you’re on the other side of the world this still applies and you should 100% book your wedding for November through to January!)

The main advantage is the heat and rain, or lack of!

Yes, you may want a brilliantly sunny day, but all you’re going to do is be hot and uncomfortable, and your hair and makeup almost definitely won’t stand the test of time! Summer weddings often rely heavily on the weather being amazing all day and night, which we all know is highly risky and most likely to end up in disaster! If you plan for a winter wedding you know your whole day will mainly be inside, and if the weather is nice you can pop out for photos etc.

Discounts Galore!

Wedding planning isn’t cheap! And you are going to have to pay a higher price for a summer wedding to bag the venue/florist/photographer that you want because they will be in high demand and can, therefore, charge premium prices. Discounts are often available during the winter months when business may be slower, just so your vendor can keep their business ticking over whilst they wait for the mad summer months

No Spotlight Sharing

We all know the summer is packed out with weddings every weekend, and some midweek too and it is highly unlikely that yours will stand out from the crowd unless you do something over the top and extra. If a Kardashian style wedding isn’t for you – a winter one will make sure that your nuptials don’t get lost in the crowd.winter wedding

Mood Lighting

Fireplaces, candles and dimmed lights all add to the atmosphere, and you can definitely get away with it more in the winter, as lighting a fire in the summer to keep guests warm is a ludicrous idea! We all have one friend that takes ages to get a nice picture, so whilst you are hanging around taking the 59th video or picture of her jumping in front of our light up LOVE letters, you may as well be warm and inside.


If you want to get married in a specific venue, and in under 2 years after you first get engaged, a winter wedding is the way forward. If you seriously want the venue in the summer, there is more than likely going to be a 2-year wait or even longer, unless there’s a cancellation and you manage to contact the venue the second they process said cancellation!

The same applies for photos and videos, if you have a winter wedding it is more than likely that you will receive any professional photos back quicker than you would in the summer because your photographer won’t have such a tight schedule.

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