Are you having a winter wedding and want some last minute finishing touches to make it stand out from the crowd? Or are you planning ahead to warmer days? Lumina has curated the 5 top things that your celebration needs to keep the party going.

1. Flip Flops

High heels and dress shoes may look great in photos, but let’s be honest, they’re not all that comfortable. As the wedding reception begins, place a couple of baskets of flip flops out in a couple of different sizes – bonus points if they match your colours, and help your guests have an even better night thanks to the ability to dance all night long without having sore feet! You can bulk buy the flip flops relatively cheap on sites like eBay to keep costs down.

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2. Customisable Champagne

Sure, Champagne is the tradition at weddings, but do people REALLY enjoy it? For those that don’t, offer a customising station with various fruit purees, juices and liqueurs to make sure your guests are having their best possible time.

3. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

If you’re having a summer wedding, or if any part of it will take part outside, make sure your guests are protected. Similar to the flip flops, you can purchase large supplies of cheap sunglasses on eBay to make sure your guests are all colour coordinating and matching, as well as adding the sunscreen for those forgetful guests who may have forgotten to apply some, as well as making sure everyone keeps themselves topped up.

4. Late Night Snacks

Are your friends and family the type to carry the party on into the early hours of the night? Signal that the party is winding down by getting everyone off of the dancefloor and over to the food. The moment people stop dancing they will realise a) just how tired they are and b) it’s 2 am and they should probably start wrapping things up. Also ask your DJ (or just change your playlist) to slower, acoustic songs to ensure the party doesn’t go on until sunrise. Unless that’s what you want of course!

wedding LOVE letters5. LOVE Letters

The LOVE Light Up Letters from Lumina are the perfect finishing touch for every wedding. They’re the perfect backdrop to your professional photos, as well as looking stunning in the background during your first dance photos slightly out of focus so the lights appear really soft. They also make a great addition to your guest’s selfies. Make sure you’ve decided on your own hashtag for sharing photos online!

For more stunning light up letters, and other unique signage visit Lumina today.


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