We go through hours upon hours of planning – from finding the perfect reception venue and wedding hire to centerpieces and floral décor. All of it to ensure that our guests and, more importantly, we are delighted by impeccable design and our wedding arrangements are flawless and memorable.

But we often get lost in the details and lose track of the big picture, which is that you want to have a good time and create a unique ambience for your friends and family to enjoy alongside you. So how can you do just that, but without constantly worrying and potentially going bankrupt as well?

Everything you need to know about illuminated weddings

The first impression sets the tone of your entire wedding. Although planning is essential and there’s certainly things your big day can’t do without, many brides overlook a simple, yet crucial detail in designing their wedding – light up letters. This probably seems trite. I mean, there’s so many necessary elements that you’re already trying to fit into your budget, surely illumination can’t be all that important, right?

Well, wedding letters do more than just adding finesse to your space venue. They’ll most likely be the first thing your guests see if your ceremony is indoors, as well as the main evening attraction if your party is outside and will last well into the night. But what many women seem to disregard is the impact that excellent lighting can have on setting up a serene and engrossing mood.

What happens is that the illuminated letters (or other similar items) complement your

unique décor and makes all the other pieces stand out elegantly – this is a trick that any self-respecting wedding planner should know. The quality of your photos will also improve dramatically, making light up letters a much more worthy investment for your bridal event than you initially thought.

What letters should I choose for my wedding?

When it comes to wedding letters, the market is filled with a variety of options. This might make it hard to find something that fits your event’s style, is budget-friendly and also doesn’t involve a troublesome delivery. If you’re unsure and you don’t know what to choose, keep this simple tip in mind: you want your illuminated letters to emphasize your décor, not overwhelm it. Getting down to the nitty-gritty, you should opt for a hand-crafted product with LED and sturdy material like aluminum.

In terms of design, you have much more leeway depending on your style and wedding theme – there’s giant, flashy 3D letters, vintage marquee lights as well as floral pattern letters. In addition, you can choose between letters that include your initials, Mr. & Mrs. or meaningful words like love.

Where should I place my illuminated letters?

Finding the right location for your wedding letters can be tricky. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with them:

  • Create a stunning, elegant backdrop for the dinner area
  • Brighten up your guest book
  • Display your initials next to your wedding cake
  • Illuminate the entrance of your reception venue
  • Light up the outdoor party space
  • Showcase your new surname
  • Have an illuminated bar sign for your guests
  • Create a unique backdrop for the dance floor

Whatever you choose to do, remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to

lighting design. And adding illuminated 3D letters to your shopping list is one of the best investments you can possibly make to boost your wedding experience from just great to unforgettable.

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