Do you remember Claire Danes’ stunning light up gown from last year’s Met Gala? The breathtaking Cinderella-like dress that took 600 hours to make and glowed in the dark? Well, that certainly gave a whole new meaning to the idea of lighting up a party, and it should serve as clear proof that a seemingly insignificant detail like illumination can completely transform an event. But what are some other creative ways that you can use light up letters?

Turn your wedding into a glamorous experience

Although you might not get to be the next real-life Disney princess at your wedding, there’s still something you can do to create a magical atmosphere for your big day – use 3D letters for spotless lighting design. From making a bold décor statement to enjoying a bubbly, well-lit dance floor or a romantic dinner backdrop with your future spouse, there’s a variety of stylish and original options for you to choose from. And all they require is a quality set of wedding letters and some attention to detail.

Illuminated letters might not be the first thing to pop into your mind as you’re planning your wedding, but deciding not to include them in your overall design is something you’ll most certainly regret. Are they an unquestionably essential part of a successful and elegant ceremony? No. But can they create a warm, intimate and one-of-a-kind ambience that will leave your guests in awe instead of making them say “oh well, at least they tried”? Absolutely. And nobody wants to hear the latter. So whether you’re planning your own big day or helping a friend figure out her wedding, make sure to check if you really don’t have a bit of extra room in your budget for light up letters.

Revamp your bedroom or home with illuminated design

Have you been trying to renovate your house? Or maybe you’d like to add more of your personal style and charm to your home. After all, glamour never takes a day off. You can find standard, as well as custom-made 3D letters to purchase and decorate your room. There’s heaps of patterns, shapes and sizes available so feel free to experiment – you can have your initials or name displayed, choose regular light up letters or have a personalized product made just for you, featuring a word that means something to you or that you find inspiring. If shiny is your favorite color and you’re ready to bring the magic back to your home, take a look at some of the indoor light up letters and different models currently on the market.

Make an impression at your office event

The bare minimum of a business proposition or demo usually involves a report, some statistics and maybe a board to showcase to your boss or colleagues. But your presentation doesn’t have to be dull and flat, literally! You can tastefully emphasize your project’s features and deliver a high-impact presentation by using freestanding 3D letters. Including these props will add weight, etiquette and professionalism to your speech and will certainly produce a long-lasting effect since your audience will see that you’re fully invested. So try to go the extra mile when it comes to marketing and office events. You can be sure it’ll pay off nicely long-term.

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