Projection Signs

This type of signage is seen in every high street and on most shop fronts. We construct a wide variety of fabricated projecting signs in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The support structures are usually made from mild steel or aluminium, depending on their size and structural requirements.  We then clad them with aluminium or stainless steel and powder coat them to a finish that is ready for the customer to sign write with vinyl, or we can stencil cut them and illuminate them with LEDs. We also manufacture the more simple and cost effective flat panel systems with brackets and chains to allow the sign to swing in the breeze; these can also be cut to any shape or size for a bespoke look.


Projecting signs are illuminated using a few different methods, fluorescent tubes and gear trays are being replaced with LED technology which provides low energy running costs and a virtually maintenance free sign. From LED tubes to LED trough lights and the latest in LED light sheet technology we build all our projecting signs to meet customers’ needs

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