New products are constantly being developed and created here at Lumina HQ, and the latest creation that we are excited to share with you is … Mini Golf!

No matter how much your wedding guests love you, there will always be someone (children and grown men mainly) who need entertaining at some point throughout the day, and mini golf is the perfect activity to do just that!


We find the perfect time to encourage your guests to play mini golf is whilst you and your new spouse and immediate family are having your pictures taken, just make sure that the best man isn’t halfway through ‘the most crucial round of golf he will ever play’ because there’s no way you can drag him away from that to come and take some pictures with you guys!

The game is perfect for everyone, as the course comes with raised borders and 6 holes complete with wedding themed obstacles; including a wedding cake, our mini LOVE Letters, tunnels, ramps and humps.


Even complete beginners become New Zealand’s next best golfer when they see a mini golf course, so for an added touch why not keep track of everyone’s score and provide a mini trophy for the winner? Because your great auntie Lisa wasn’t already competitive enough, add a prize and watch her take down the competition like she is a pro golfer!


Secure your mini golf course and make your wedding sure to stand out from the crowd by booking yours today via the Hire Shop!

This price is for 6 x golf holes with putters, balls and scoring cards is $920 – delivery not included.


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